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VideoGamesToken Gold (VGTG) is bringing the power of blockchain to the video gaming industry and creating a new way to track game sales, distribution and asset traking with in games.

The world’s only enterprise blockchain solution for smart contract based video gaming

VGTG - ERC 20 Token Details

At VideoGamesToken Gold (VGTG), we want to empower game developers and players so they can control certain parameters in the games and also create smart contract based games which can be short lived or based on certain events.

VGT Project = VGTG (Gold Elite Version) + VGTN (VideoGamesToken Regular Version) The VGTG will be swapable with VGTN on uniswap based on the market price. VGTG is based on Ethereum ERC 20 standard and supports deployment of Smart Contracts and video games dApps and provides more visibility for holders and transactions by fully supporting Ethereum standards.

full echo systemFull ERC 20 based echo system

VGTG Token

Token Name: VGTGToken
Token Ticker: VGTG
Token Supply: 250,000,000
Decimal: 18
Standard: ERC20
ICO : No ICO will happen
Link to Smart Contract on Etherscan:
Project on GitHub:

VGTN Token

Token Name: VideoGamesToken
Token Ticker: VGTN
Token Supply: 150,000,000
Decimal: 18
Standard: ERC20
ICO : No ICO will happen, only people who mined VGC will get VGTN in return
Link to Smart Contract on Etherscan:
Project on GitHub:

History and Evolution

In 2018 a legand was born named VGC (VideoGamesCoin). Thousands of people mined this Cryptinight based coin using their GPU's, PC's and ASIC miners. In 2019, deve team realized that mining of VGC is consuming huge electricity and resources and we need an alternative way. So VGC Cryptonight based coin transitioned to VGTN (Video Games Token) at the end of 2019. The idea was to remove the mining and allow users to swap VGC -> VGTN on 1 to 1 basis. 100's of people became owners of VGTN. The new VGTN was based on Ethereum ERC 20 standard and supports deployment of Smart Contracts and dApps. Dev team knew something is still missing. Investors needed to park VGTN to some place if price fluctuates due to trading of VGTN. They released VGTG a new elite gold version of token to use as saving vault of VideoGamesToken.

The VGTN ERC 20 token address is 0xe61eecfdba2ad1669cee138f1919d08ced070b83

The VGTN ERC 20 token address is 0xb52fc0f17df38ad76f290467aab57cabaeeada14.

You can find it Here -> VGTN Token on Etherscan. Total VGTN Supply is 150 Million. Swap from VGC to VGTN was 1 VGC = 1 VGTN token. Additional 50 Million VGTN will be used to fund further VGTN integration development.


VGTG will provide updates here.

  • 23 Nov 2020

    Latest Update Provided

  • VGTG Token

    Rising Blocks

  • 500+


  • 5000+

    Token Holders

20 March 2020 - VideoGamesToken - SWAP Ending

VGTN Team has decided to close the swap now. All the original miners have successfully swapped the VGC to VGTN. We have also compensated for any lost coins to exchanges. VGTN has shown a solid price mostly trading over $1.0 USD. This is a great start. But it's upto the traders to maintain the price of Token.
Development team promised to release it's first Blockchain game between (March 2020 - June 2020) the game was released last week.
You can check the game here -> Ether Win Pot Ver 1.0

Development team has several milestones ahead. I'll listed only few here.

1. Development of portal where games will be listed.
2. User Registration Portal where user can sign up and take part in activities
3. Integration of VGTN to other gaming platforms
4. Asset tracking on our blockchain
5. ... more to come

Thanks a lot for mining on VGC platform. Now the next chapter is VGTN.


There are only few exceptions that will be considered on case by case basis. VGTN Team has the right to deny any swap request without giving any reason.
1. Any coins mined after Feb 1st can be considered for Swap.
2. Any users who are in the middle of Swap can complete the swap to the same Ether Address.

1st Jan 2020 - Swap Process Started

The swap process is defined in the link above. We are repeating the process here, but the attached swap white paper above describes the process in more detail with pictures.

1. Join our Telegram channel.

2. Join our twitter channel.

3. Download our new VGC GUI Wallet for Windows from the URL below.

4. Send us screen capture of your wallet balance. The balance is in the top right corner of the wallet screen below.

5. Transfer all the VGC to our VGC Swap Address below and keep track of all the transaction id’s. VEonycSdiAETTNAkhRdU5XCroHa5tBB1PXZNBycLMgHMJfc5ReukVcQFRMjsQWfRJdGbH836HUFvNhD1kN42hJjVAVbUbnBX7g

6. If you lost some coins to exchanges, you can send us the list of in and out transactions of the wallet. You can talk to VGC admin on our telegram or send email to provide evidence that you had the coins and lost it to any exchange. You don’t need to send back the VGC that are lost to exchanges. VGC dev team will have full authority to accept or reject any swap requests if they believe that you are not the owner of the VGC. Once you sync your wallet, click the transactions link on the left. You will see the list of all your in and out transactions.

7. Send an email to with the following information

Your telegram id

Your Twitter Handle

VGC Balance or Transaction List

Your Ethereum Address where you want to get VGTN coins. (Make sure you have the password to access your Ethereum account. Once we send tokens there, there is no way for us to get them back)

Airdrop of VGTG Tokens - 52 Million USD Giveaway (23rd Dec, 2020)

First ever airdrop of VGTG is starting soon. Details are provided below.

Development team has decided that Airdrop will be done via Smart Contract. Recently Uniswap has done a similar airdrop of 400 UNI tokens. We'll do an airdrop of 15 million tokens which is worth 52 Million USD as of 23rd Nov, 2020.

Follow steps below to redeem your tokens.

Step 1 :

Connect to Metamask or your favourite ether wallet. Make sure Mainnet is selected.

Step 2 :

You need to send ether to VGTG Redeem Smart Contract to get your tokens. You need to send small fraction of ether compared to price of VGTG.
VGTG Smart Contract Address is : 0xd228a858Fc2EE715A5E7164793DE251548438F29

Enter VGTG Redeem smart contract address - 0xd228a858Fc2EE715A5E7164793DE251548438F29 and enter ether amount you want to spend to get VGTG

You can edit gas fee here, by pressing edit in gas fee area.

In this case we changed gas price to 120 and Gas Limit to 165794 and press save.

Step 3 :

Press confirm to process the redeem transaction. Make sure to pay reasonable gas price to complete transaction. You can find the gas price from or Metamask will suggest gas price. All ether transaction need gas fees to complete transaction. This fee is for miners.

Step 4 :

Add VGTG token to Metamask VGTG Token ADDESSS : 0xe61eecfdba2ad1669cee138f1919d08ced070b83

You can edit gas fee here, by pressing edit in gas fee area.

How many tokens I'll get

VGTG Tokens you'll get will be based on the formula

Week 1 (23 Nov - 29 Nov) : Ether * 800

Week 2 (30 Nov - 06 Dec): Ether * 400

Week 3 (7 Dec - 13 Dec): Ether * 375

Week 4 (14 Dec - 20 Dec): Ether * 350

Week 5 (21 Dec - 27 Dec): Ether * 325

Week 6 (28 Dec - 03 Jan): Ether * 300

Week 7 (04 Jan - 10 Jan): Ether * 275

Week 8 (11 Jan - 17 Jan): Ether * 250

Week 9 (18 Jan - 24 Jan): Ether * 200

Week 10 Onwards from Jan 24, 2021 : Ether * 190

Our Main Road Map

VideoGamesCoin team is working on transition from VGC to VGTN. Road map will be defined as we transition to new and robust Ethereum framework. Main steps are listed below

  • January 2020
    Development of VGTN Network


  • February 2020
    Locked Down VGC Network


  • Feb 2020 - March 2020
    Swap From VGC to VGTN


  • Feb 2020 - Dec 2020
    VGTN Token Sale Smart Contract


  • Jan 2020 - Mar 2020
    Add VGTN to Bamboo Relay Dex Exchange


  • Jan 2020 - Mar 2020
    Add VGTN to Token Lake


  • Jan 2020 - Mar 2020
    Add VGTN to ETor Exchange


  • March 2020 - June 2020
    Development of First Smart Contract Based Game


  • March 2020 - April 2020
    Add VGTN to Token Store


  • Sept 2020 - Dec 2020
    Listing to EtherFlyer


  • AUgust 2020 - Dec 2020
    Listing to Altilly Exchange


  • May 2021 - Sept 2021
    Add VGTG to Uniswap (Multiple Pairs)


  • Nov 2020 - Feb 2021
    VGTG Redeem Smart Contract

    Almost Ready

  • June 2020 - Mar 2021
    Development of Smart Gaming Portal

    In Design

  • April 2021 - August 2021
    Development of Second Smart Contract Based Game

    In Progress

  • May 2021 - Sept 2021
    Development of Registration Portal

    In Progress

Video Games Token Project - Senior Team Members

Our founders below created VGC -> VGTN -> VGTG -> (Who knows What)

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